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Bjorn's Custom Installation

We’ve been wiring homes in San Antonio since 1976. So it's fair to say, we know more about running, hiding, and connecting wires than just about anyone else.

Just as a spider can’t move without legs, your home’s distributed audio/video system, smart home automation system and/or computer network won’t work without connections, and all are the backbone of a well designed installation project.

Our team of custom installation technicians are highly trained and skilled in wiring telephone/intercom systems, whole-house distributed audio and video systems, computer networks and smart home automation technology.

Got an out-of-the-ordinary or downright unique installation situation or application? Don’t worry – that’s our specialty.


We make it easy.
Designing and installing an elaborate home theater or a multi-room distributed audio and video system isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t something you can do out of the back of a van. It takes lots of thoughtful preplanning, hours of tedious follow up, and plenty of plain hard work. To make sure we do every system the way it’s supposed to be done, we follow a time-tested, six-step project management process to make sure you get the system you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.

Our 6-Step Process:

Step 1: Home & Plan Evaluation
It starts with our first meeting with you, the customer, when we’ll discuss exactly what it is that you are looking to accomplish and what it might take to do so. Then, if it’s an existing home or one that’s currently under construction, we’ll do a physical walk through of the property to let us see firsthand the space in which we’ll be installing the system. If the home is still in the blueprint phase, we encourage you to let us see the blueprints as early as possible. Often we can make suggestions for changes that will cost a lot less to do on paper than in wood and drywall. There’s a $99.99 charge for an existing home walk-through. It’s a necessary step in the process of discovering your needs, requirements, and system possibilities, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you’re just starting to think about putting a system in your home.

Step 2: Design & Engineering
After we’ve gone over all the system, and install-related particulars, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal covering what we intend to do and the costs. Of course, we won’t just plop the proposal on the desk and expect a yes or no answer. We’ll go over the entire package with you and work with you to make any changes that might be necessary to provide a system that’s the perfect one for your home.

Step 3: Acceptance of Proposal
Once you accept the proposal and provide the appropriate deposit, the Project Management team will take over. One of their many duties includes staging the equipment for your installation in our warehouse so it’ll be ready when the time comes for the installers to do what they do best – installing equipment.

Step 4: Pre-wire & Installation
If your home is under construction, we’ll run wires and cables to various locations in your home during the building phases before the walls have been closed in. (Doing this prior to the drywall going up is a huge time and cost saver!) If your home is already built, we’ll use plenty of imagination and elbow grease to run the wires where they’re supposed to go without being visible.

Step 5: Finish Out & Programming
Once all the wiring is completed and the walls are closed in, we’ll put in the fun stuff, such as the in-wall speakers and the flat-panel TVs on the wall. We’ll mark and bundle the connecting cables, and we’ll program the remote controls or the automation system.

Step 6: Demonstration
After the installation and finish-out is completed, Bjorn’s installation team will demonstrate the system and educate you and your family on how to use and enjoy the system. But our involvement doesn’t end there. We’re always just a phone call away to provide on-going support in case of a system malfunction – or if you simply forget how to do something.

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