Your screen is crystal clear. Your sound system is so pristine that you swear that the race car in the movie is idling right beside you. Now you can be part of the film rather than simply watching it. D-BOX transforms movie watching into movie living. A truly realistic immersive movie experience.

New sensations are coming to the movies. After sound and image, D-BOX adds magic to films by introducing a new experience: immersive motion. Moviegoers will live the action just as if they were part of the scene.

So how do these chairs work exactly?
D-BOX technology is leading edge, yet simple. After sound and image, D-BOX is the natural evolution of cinema. Much like a movie soundtrack, motion effects or MFX are created frame-by-frame by Motion Designers in their California Studio creating the unique patented D-BOX Motion Code.

The signal is then sent to the chair actuators that act like little robots under your seat. Unlike theme park rides, D-BOX is smooth and blends perfectly with the sound and image to make your cinematic experience complete. Its motion is multilevel; it can whisk you as if you were speeding in a car chase or wipe you off gently as if you were by the ocean side.

The result is an unmatched immersive experience: you will feel as if you are part of the onscreen action.

The possibilities are endless...

If you want to experience D-BOX Motion Chairs in person, come by our retail location and ask for a demonstration in our Ultimate Theater!

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