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Learn about lighting control
with smart home automation


You're struggling with 20 bags of groceries looped around your arms, when you walk into a house with no lights on. In an everyday situation like this, convenience and ease really pays off! With your Smart Home Automation system by Bjorns, you can light up your entire house with a voice command to Amazon's Alexa or simply a tap of a finger on your smartphone.

Are you remodeling your home and looking for a sleek, modern feel? You'll love the control panels that replace your current switches. With just a touch, you can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, enable or disable security, and control your media devices. You can even add voice control through Alexa-enabled devices.

Control4 is where sophistication meets automation, and you can find it at Bjorn's. Installation is quick, clean and painless with Bjorn's custom installation service. Bjorn's helpful and friendly Home Technology experts will work with you to find the best smart home solutions for just about any situation and budget, so come see what your experience can be like today!

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