“The Ultimate Room” – kind of a catchy name, huh?
But do you think that, maybe, it’s just a little pretentious?
You won’t think so once you’ve had the chance to sit through a demonstration in one of the most unique home theater show rooms in the country. Personally designed by Tomlinson Holman (he’s the “TH” in “THX”) and Bjorn (he’s the “Bjorn” in “Bjorn’s Audio Video”), our Ultimate Room brings together the most cutting-edge home entertainment technology available on the planet. For starters, we spent over $250,000 in construction costs alone creating a room that “floats” within an outer shell, totally isolating the inside from the outside and the outside from the inside. In other words, no sound gets in and, just as importantly, no sound gets out. Truly, when you pass through the Ultimate Room’s 600-pound door (give it a push yourself if you don’t believe us), you’re entering a whole other world of home entertainment.

We definitely think that the most amazing thing in a room filled with amazing things is the amazing (it’s hard to talk about the Ultimate Room without using that word – in fact, we thought about calling it the “Amazing Room”, but “Ultimate” is really the perfect description…)

Now, where were we?
Oh, yes, the most amazing thing you’ll hear is the world’s first retail installation of Tomlinson Holman’s (remember him from above?) experimental 10.2-channel surround sound system
It incorporates ten discrete channels of full-range audio plus two discrete subwoofer channels for music listening. It’s a system that’s so amazingly (there’s that word again) realistic some people who are familiar with concert halls have even been able to tell where particular recordings were made based on the incredibly lifelike reproduction they heard in our Ultimate Room. (See why we stuck with the “ultimate” title?)

What will you see & hear?
Well, here are some of the amazing things you’ll find in Bjorn’s Ultimate Room:

  • over $200,000 worth of audio, video, and other entertainment equipment (Coincidentally, that’s just about the median price of the typical family home in the U.S. right now. Not that we planned it that way, but it is a fun fact that helps put the scope of the Ultimate Room in perspective.)
  • a constant-height projection screen large enough to make professional movie theaters jealous
  • an audio system consisting of 14 powered speakers plus 6 powered subwoofers with a total amplifier power of over 8,900 watts!
  • the surface area of all the subwoofers combined is over 1,350 square inches – that’s the equivalent of a single subwoofer over 3 feet in diameter.
  • amazingly comfortable seating with an integral D-Box motion control system that moves the seats in sync with the motion on the screen – making you feel like you’re part of the movie (the seating alone costs over $65,000 – but you can have a less expensive version in your home theater if you fall in love with ours!)
  • over 1,000 feet of Monster XLR audio cable (plus lots of other Monster audio and video cables, speaker wire, and power conditioners)
  • an Audyssey MultEQ system that calibrates the audio system to the acoustics of the room with such pinpoint accuracy that it makes each seating location “the best seat in the house”
  • a Kaleidescape music/movie server and controller system that stores all of your software digitally and makes it instantly available via a beautifully intuitive, interactive on-screen user interface

    Demonstrations are free for the asking. (Heck, sometimes we give demonstrations even if people don’t ask.)
    It takes about 20 minutes for a thorough demo of the 10.2 system and 15 – 20 minutes for a demonstration of the video system, but you can get both in about 30 minutes. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have even that small amount of time, tell us and we’ll give you a quick version that we’re sure will whet your appetite enough to make you come back for the real deal when you do have more time.

    Now, what are you waiting for? Get your eyes and ears over to Bjorn’s and experience for yourself why we call this the Ultimate Room!