Control4® Wireless Switch

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  • Control4® Wireless Switch, 120V/277V—C4-SW120277
  • The Control4® Wireless Switch provides on/off control for a variety of load types. With its robust relay and high amperage rating, the
    Switch can handle even high in-rush loads such as fountain pumps or large banks of fluorescent lights. It can even be used to switch
    wall outlets.
    • Compatible with a variety of load types including Incandescent, Halogen, Electronic Low Voltage (solid state) Transformers,
    Magnetic (iron core) Low Voltage Transformers, Fluorescents, Compact Fluorescents, LEDs and Motors
    • Continuously measures energy being used by the attached load
    • Elegant, sophisticated design makes a beautiful addition to any home or business
    • Custom engraving available to clearly identify which light each switch controls
    • Backlit button engraving with programmable color control for easy readability regardless of time of day or light level
    • Programmable RGB LEDs provide status feedback for lighting and other devices in the system
    • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts backlight and status LED brightness depending on the light level in the room
    • Available in a wide array of gloss and satin colors (See Available Colors)
    • Control4® screw-less faceplates, sold separately, provide a sleek profile (See Available Accessories)
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Type: Home Automation

Brand: Control4

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