SVS Prime Tower Speakers

Type: Tower Speakers

Brand: SVS

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Exceptional clarity, flawless tonal balance and room-energizing bass response. Sets the benchmark as best tower speaker under $1,000 with stunning performances in a two-channel audiophile or surround sound home theater system.


Delivering immersive, full-spectrum sound, the Prime Towers anchor an amazing listening experience. Their combination of both sonic accuracy and lively dynamics elevate movies to an immersive experience and the highlight the subtle nuances of your music. They are remarkable on their own in a two channel system, and in a home theater, the Towers’ voicing match and seamlessly meld with the other Prime or Ultra speakers in your system. The result: a suspension of reality that takes you to the center of the action—be it a mosh pit or jet fighter cockpit. Dialogue and vocals are clear and true. Bass grooves and explosions will rock the room. With Prime towers’ twin 6.5 inch woofers in each tower, you don’t need a stand-alone subwoofer if space won’t allow. 

With a detailed aluminum dome tweeter, dedicated midrange driver and dual long-throw woofers, the Prime Tower effortlessly cranks out clean, dynamic and powerful sound.

The innovative and sophisticated 3.5-way crossover has different crossover points for each woofer to deliver seamless frequency response with effortless low frequency extension. Translation – awesome bass response and a smooth, seamless transition to the midrange.

SVS took the 3.5-way crossover concept a step further – each woofer has a dedicated and completely separate internal compartment with its own custom port tuning frequency. The result is effortless, deep bass you need to hear in person to fully appreciate.

Similarly, the 4.5” midrange driver is mounted in its own dedicated and completely sealed compartment to ensure a smooth, precise and clear midrange free from standing wave coloration.

Sold as pairs.1199.

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